What An Amazing Series

Part 1.

Firstly the Australian Poker Tour would like to thank the players for an amazing turnout. We put the event on and the players flock in numbers not just from the Gold Coast but from all over the country, we even have players travelling from overseas to participate in these events. Thank you all for coming.

One year ago on the Gold Coast we had a prize pool of $150,000. Then last October at the same place on the Gold Coast we had a $368,000 prize pool. We hoped to nudge that effort this time around, OMG did we ever. The 12 events we held during the series were all over their guarantees. More players and a combined total of 2,805 entries gave us a series total prize pool of an INCREDIBLE – $497,615!! We will bring you more details in depth per event, but for now here is run down of what happened.

On Friday we started with Flight 1A of the Main Event with a total of 323 total entries. Then the second flight 1B finished with 247 entries. With the total so far of 570 entries and the guarantee of $85,000 already reached, flight 1C was going to be more cream on top for the players. And cream it was…total entries for this event and a new APT record was 1,002. This meant the total prize pool for this event came to a staggering $150,300*. Day 2 of the Main Event had a total of 271 players unbag their chips in the hope that they were going to be not just one of the players reaching the money (top 100 players) but be the player that was going to win the $32,000 on offer for first place. Going into Heads-Up, Matt Wilkins and Kalan Roberts were very close in chips, this was not going to be one sided…this was exciting…Our winner of the 2019 APT Main Event – Gold Coast – Congratulations, Kalan Roberts.

Event 2 the Upswing Poker One shot $2,000 guarantee had a final prize pool of $4,800* just over double it’s guarantee. There were 120 entrants for this event, and our winner took home a cool $1,200 cash and an Upswing Poker Lab training package. Our winner for this event was Christopher Falcon.

The Ladbrokes Super High Roller – Event 3 had a $75,000 guarantee. This event passed its previous one in October to have a total of 153 entries and again another massive prize pool of $155,800*. The top 16 players were paid in this event starting with $2,000 working its way up to first place which was paying out $40,000! 3rd place in this event went to the “Big Show” Stephen Topakas, leaving Mitch Caton and James Camilleri fighting it out for the remaining $67,000 prize pool. The Super High Roller Crown – Gold Coast, Feb 2019, went to James Camilleri.

The Short deck tournament, event 4, was sponsored by Upswing Poker and drew 109 entries. 11 players were paid in this event from the $4,360* prize poolOn top of the cash the winner also receives an Upswing Poker Lab training package. Well done Kerry Stead on winning this event.

On Saturday morning we already knew that the LCAPoker National Teams event, Event 5, was going to create plenty of interest. While helping out with the registrations of the teams and running out of forms, I knew this was going to be huge, we didnt miss a beat as blank paper was handed out until more forms arrived. Next time I will make sure I have 100 forms! This event has been tweaked and re-tweaked and we know we have a strong formula that works. Its great to see players representing their poker leagues, businesses, PPPoker, teams of friends and even walk ups where people had no team but wanted in. Just walking through the tournament room you cant miss the teams by their colours. There are way too many teams to name but I will mention a few. Poker Nation had 7 teams all up representing their different regions, Perth Poker League also had 5 individual teams, Check Raise, NPL, LCAP, just from these teams alone made up about 20 of the massive 59 teams that were represented in total. The prize pool from the 295 players representing the 59 teams was an incredible $17,700*. The players portion for this event was paying the top 25 players from the $5,900 prize pool, while the teams portion paid the top 6 teams a combined total of $11,450. Jason Hardie won the individual event while the Teams was was again by an team representing LCAP, LCAP – Team Red.

LCAP National Teams Event – Winning Team – LCAP TEAM RED

Event 6 the Pokershop 7500 had it’s guarantee blown out of the water with 311 entries and a prize pool totalling $18,660*, that is a healthy $11,000 over guarantee.  This is another event that creates a lot of interest and for its buy-in of $70 makes it well worth playing. The top 32 players were paid in this event. Congratulations to the winner of this event – Josh Emerton.

* PLEASE NOTE: Figure shown includes full prize pool. P.O.T.S. 2% deducted from full figure.