Exclusive offer for players at the APT from Upswing Poker

How good is this…Upswing Poker are offering all players at the Australian Poker Tour, Gold Coast, an exclusive deal on packages for their Advanced and Expert Classes!

We will get to the offer in a moment…How many times during the break or after the tournament are you talking to your poker buddies about how hands went down, or how should you have played your hand to extract value or even asked is this a good fold? How many conversations are you asking what would you do in this spot? I know with my friends we are always discussing certain hands and how we could be playing them better etc. I know we also talk about how cool it would be to play in the World Series or be able to play for a living. Some of us read books, watch videos and talk strategy because we want to learn, we want to get better and we want to “live the dream”.

Upswing Poker (UP) can show you how YOU can become a profitable poker player. The team at UP will show you how to avoid the mistakes and turn your game around. They have analyzed their own decision making processes to create step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to win.

This team of players at UP are High Stakes winning players that have a wealth of information to share with you. They even have for FREE beginner resources that you can start with to wet your appetite like preflop charts as an example. For as little as $7 you can purchase the Postflop Game Plan that will help you make quick and correct poker decisions that translate into more money in your pocket.

There is so much on offer on this site that you really need to check it out for yourselves. Here are some of training courses you will find Winning Poker Tournaments, PLO Lab, Upswing Lab and many more.

So whats the offer?

Upswing Poker has given us a discount coupon code that can be used on any purchase of $99+. This code will be available to use from 22nd through 28th February, 2019. To be able to get access to this coupon code you MUST come along to the Australian Poker Tour event at the Gold Coast.

Go to the Upswing Poker site now by clicking HERE have a good look, take advantage of the free resources. If you are planning on playing events this weekend with APT, I know one thing is that you plan to win some money am I right? Well why don’t you increase your arsenal of knowledge and start learning from some of the best players in the business!!