Australian Poker Tour

Welcome Upswing Poker

as a Major Sponsor

The Australian Poker Tour are pleased to announce that Upswing Poker has joined us as a Major Sponsor for our Gold Coast Event starting on the 22nd of February. Over the course of the series, which runs from the 22nd to the 24th of February, the guys from Upswing Poker are sponsoring 4 of the events.

The following events have been sponsored by Upswing Poker:

  • Event 2 – One Shot Freezeout
  • Event 4 – Short Deck Holdem
  • Event 8 – The Terminator
  • Event 11 – Pot Limit Omaha

What this will mean for the players is that the Winner of each of those 4 tournaments will win an online poker training subscription. For the winners of events 2, 4 and 8, they will receive a Upswing Poker Lab No-Limit Holdem poker training course. This membership will be for 6 months. In this membership you will find:

  • Learning Modules – that continue to be updated
  • Theory Videos by Doug Polk – outlining fundamental poker theory which also teaches you how to then put it into practice
  • Hand Charts – Live, online and tournament pre-flop ranges included
  • Access to their private poker mastermind group – the group includes Doug Polk, Ryan Fee and many other professional players

For the Omaha winner they will receive instead a PLO Poker Lab training course. The Major difference here is for this package the winner will get LIFETIME ACCESS!! There is substantial information in this package which includes:

  • PLO Bootcamp – Ideal for beginners or for those wanting to brush up their game
  • Play and Explain videos
  • Advanced Lab Strategies

Each of these packages have a value of $299 they are Professional, Systematic and duplicable poker training that deliver World Class Results.